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  Mt. Everest 2001 Everest Summits South Side (Nepal)

EverestNews.com Everest Summit List South Side (Nepal)© Note the Summits are not in order except for date. This is not an exact science. The summits acknowledged by EverestNews.com should be considered an opinion formed by our staff after contact with the proper agencies, climbers and other record keepers in the climbing community. This is not defined as historical fact. Therefore, EverestNews.com claims all copyrights on our list! 

Castellano Y Leonesa Expedition from Spain has successfully climbed the summit of the World's highest peak, Mt. Everest on 22nd May 2001 at 12:30 PM being the first successful team for this Spring season. They spent 30 Minutes on the Summit. The Summiters were:

1) Mr. Emilio Vioente Lagunilla Alonso (1961) Fireman, from Palencia, Spain.
2) Mr. Pedro Rodriguez Anchez (1968) Teacher, from Avila, Spain.
3) Mr. Martin Ramos Garcia (1966) Fireman, From Segovia, Spain.

These men were first up on the South !

4.) Next came Jorg Stingel from Germany without oxygen. 

May 23rd,
5) Mr. Silvio Mondinelli, (1958), Mountain Guide, Alagna Valsesia
(VC), Italy, (Without Oxygen).
6) Mr. Gian Mario Merelli, (1962), Mountaineer, Valbondione (BG), Italy.
7) Mr. Dawa Sherpa, (31 Yrs) HAS, Tamakhani VDC-9, Saibuk, Solukhumbu.
8) Mrs. Edurne Pasaban Lizarribar, (1973), Engineer, Guipuzkoa, Spain.
9) Mr. Ivan Vallejo Ricaurta, (1959), Mathematics Teacher, Quito, Ecuador. (Without Oxygen).

Five members and two Sherpas of Everest 2001 Friendship International
Expedition 23rd May 2001 

10) Mr. Miguel Alvarez Menor, (1960), Manager Commercial, Navarra, Spain.
11) Mr. Juien Gotzon Requeta Anton (1967), Hidrolic Maintenance Specialist, Alava, Spain.
12) Mr. Francisco Javier Goni Lobera, Montador, Abadia 11, Lumbier, Navarra, Spain.
13) Mr. Thukten Dorje Sherpa (32 Yrs), Namche VDC-7, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

14) Lhakpa Tshering Sherpa

Asian Trekking South Expedition

15) Mr. Carlos Soria Fontan, (1939), Director, Madrid, Spain.

Five members & four Sherpas of Chilean Women Everest 2001 Expedition successful 23rd May 2001 

16) Ms. Vivianne Cuq Maggi (1963), Animal Doctor, from Santiago. Chile.
17) Mr. Christian Cuq Maggi (1969), from Santiago, Chile.
18) Ms. Cristina Alejandra Prieto Overem, Mountain Guide, from Santiago, Chile.
19) Ms. Patrica Andrea Soto Borquez (1970), Mountain Guide, from Santiago, Chile.
20) Mr. Phillipe Peuter (1967), Outdoors Sports Agent, from Santiago, Chile.
21) Mr. Kame Sherpa (37), HAS from Kerung-4 Solukhumbu, Nepal
22) Mr Chhongba Sherpa (40), HAS from Chaurikharka-7, Solubhumbhu, Nepal
23) Mr. Wangchhu Sherpa (32) HAS from Waku-9, Solukhumbu, Nepal
24) Mr. Phura Dorje Sherpa (35) HAS from Sotang-6, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
23rd May 2001 
25)  Mr. Grant Douglas Maclaron (1968), Climber (Canadian Citizen)
     from USA.
26)  Mr. Paul Giorgio (1964), Investor, MA, USA.
27)  Mr. Tunc Findik (1972), Mountain Guide, Bilkont-Ankara-Turkey.
28)  Mr. Richard Paul O'Bryan (1954), Mountain Guide, Ohio, USA.
29) Mr. Nima Gombu Sherpa (32), HAS, GauriShankar-1, Dolakha, Nepal. (7th Times including this)
30) Mr. Lhakpa Temba Sherpa (27), HAS, Lekhim-9, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
31) Mr. Nima Dorje Sherpa, HAS, from Makalu VDC-9, Shankhuwasava, Nepal.
32) Mr. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa, HAS, from Makalu VDC-9, Shankhuwasava, Nepal.

Another three members & four Sherpas of 2001 Alpine Mountaineering Mount Everest Expedition on 23rd May 2001
33) Mr. James Sparks (1946), from Colorado, USA.
34) Mr. Alexander R. Allan (1956), Mountain Guide from Laverness Shire,
Scotland. UK
35) Mr. Pemba Rinzi Sherpa (30), HAS, from Jubing-1, Kharikhola, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
36) Mr. Phunden Sherpa (26), HAS, from Waku-4, Sirbuche-Solukhumbu, Nepal.
37) Mr. Pemba Gylzen Sherpa (27), HAS, from Jubing-8, Pangbhim, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
38) Mr. Pemba Rinzi Sherpa (25), HAS, from Jubing-1, Lenzi Kharbo,
Solukhumbu, Nepal.

39) Mr. Guillermo Benegas (1968), Mountain Guide, California, USA.

Indian Army has successfully climbed the summit of Mt. Everest on
23rd May 2001 
40) Hav. Mr. Mohinder Singh (37 Yrs), from Indian Army, India.
41) Nk. Mr. Chanchal Singh (34 Yrs ), from Indian Army, India.
42) LNk. Mr. Neel Chand (41 Yrs), from Indian Army, India.
43) Mr. Pasang Tendi Sherpa (25 Yrs), HAS, Juving VDC-1, Kharikhola,
Solukhumbu, Nepal.
44) Capt. Mr. Saurab Singh Shekhawat (30 Yrs), from Indian Army, India.
45) Hav. Mr. Tilbikaram Budhathoki,(36 Yrs), from Indian Army, India.
46) Sep. Palden Giachho (32 Yrs) from Indian Army, India.
47) Mr. Nga Temba Sherpa (50 Yrs), Sirdar, Juving-1, Kharikhola, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
48) Mr. Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa (22 Yrs), HAS, Juving-9, Sikli, Solukhumbu,

49) Nb Sub. Mr. Amar Prakash (38 Yrs), from Indian Army, India.


50) Mr. James Todd Sampson (Canadian) (39 Yrs), Strategy Director, Sydney, Australia.

51) Mr. Pemba Dorjee Sherpa (40 Yrs), HAS, Khumjung-8, Pangboche, Solukhumbu, Nepal


One more member & four Sherpa the second group of Indian Army Expedition to Mt. Everest on 24th May at 5.25 a.m. 
52) Mr. Chhering Narbu Bodh (32 Yrs), from Indian Army, India.
53) Mr. Tendi Sherpa (28 Yrs) HAS, Gudel VDC-4, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
54) Mr. Mingma  Tshering Sherpa (21 Yrs), HAS, Juving VDC-1,Kharikhola, Solukhumbu.
55) Mr. Pasang Gelu Sherpa (37 Yrs), HAS, Juving VDC-1, Kharikhola,
56) Mr. Pasang  Sherpa (35 Yrs) HAS, Juving VDC-1, Kharikhola, Solukhumbu.

Five members & nine Sherpas of Mountain Experience Everest Expedition 2001 24th May 2001 

57) Mr. Francois Langlois (1966), Financial Advisor, Nun's Island Qubec,
58) Mr. David Rodney, Documentry Producer, from Calagary, Alberta, Canada.
59) Mr. Deryl Kelly (1975), Climbing Instructor, from Calgary, Canada.
60) Mr. Maximo Henostaroza Zambrano (1957), Mountain Guide, Peru
61) Mr. Da Nuru Sherpa (42 Yrs), Third time Summitted, from HAS, Khumjung-9, Phorche, Solukhumbu, Nepal
62) Mr. Lhakpa Rita Sherpa (29 Yrs), HAS, Khumjung-9, Phorche,
Solukhumbu, Nepal
63) Mr. Aarita Sherpa (41 Yrs), Fouth Time Summitted, HAS, Namche-7 Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
64) Mr. Tenzi Sherpa (37 Yrs), (Seventh time summitted), from HAS, Namche-7 Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
65) Mr. Norbu Sherpa ( 32 Yrs), HAS, Gaurishankar-1, Rolwaling, Dolkha, Nepal.
66) Mr. Dorje Sherpa (47 Yrs), HAS, Patle VDC-4, Okhaldhunga, Nepal
67) Mr. Ngwang Tenji Sherpa (33 Yrs), HAS, Gaurishankar-1, Rolwaling,
Dolkha, Nepal. (Third time summit including this)
68) Mr. Pasang Kitar Sherpa, (33 Yrs), HAS, Gaurishankar-1, Rolwaling,
Dolkha, Nepal. (fourth time summit including this)
69) Mr. Tshering Dorje Sherpa (30Yrs), HAS Juving VDC-1, Solukhumbu, Nepal. (fourth time summit including this)

70) Mr. Jason Edwards (1958), Mountain Guide, from Lakewood Washington, USA.

May 24th

71) Dorjee Sherpa

72) Danaru Sherpa

73) Kili Sherpa

74) Lana Jangbu Sherpa

75) Inaki Ochoa

76) Ang Gel Sherpa

77) Mingma Sherpa

78) Nancy Feagin


May 25th

NFB Expedition

79) Mr. Erik Weihenmayer (1968), Writer/Speaker, from Golden,
Colorado, USA.

80) Mr. Eric Alexander (1969), Construction, from Colorado, USA.
81) Mr. Chris Morris, (1966), Mountain Guide from USA.
82) Mr. Luis Benitez (1972),Mountain Guide, Boulder, Colorado USA.
83) Mr. Didrik Johnck (1972), Photographer, San Francisco, USA.
84) Mr. Bradford Bull, (1967), Architect, Denver, Colorado USA.
85) Mr. Charles Mace (1958), Distributor, Colorado, USA.
86) Mr. Charles Michel Brown,(1966), Filmmaker, Boulder, Colorado USA.
87) Mr. Ang Sonam Sherpa (23 Yrs.), Namche-7, Thame, Solukhumbu.
88) Mr. Lhakpa Tshiri Sherpa (27 Yrs.), Now Jorpati-Kathmandu.
89) Mr. Pemba Chhoti Sherpa (27 Yrs.), Namche-7, Thame, Solukhumbu.
90) Mr. Ang Pasang Sherpa (34 Yrs.), Namche-7, Thame, Solukhumbu.
91) Mr. Phurbu Bhote (43 Yrs), Hatiya-1, Shankhuwasava.
92) Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa (28 Yrs.), Chaurikharka-3, Sano Gomlla, Solukhumbu.
93) Mr. Lhakpa Tshering Sherpa (36 Yrs) Namche-6, Thame, Solukhumbu.
94) Mr. Chhuldim Nuru Sherpa (34 Yrs) Namche-4, Furte, Solukhumbu.

95) Mr. Sherman Bull, 64 Yrs Doctor, Adams Lane, New Canaan,

96) Mr. Jeff Evans (1969), Colorado USA.
97) Mr. Michael O'Donnell, (1956), Mountain Guide, Colorado USA.

May 25th

98)  Mr. John Tyler Waechter (38 Yrs), Mountaineer, Seattle, WA, USA.
99)  Mr. Pasang Yila Sherpa (23 Yrs), HAS, Khumjung-8, Pangboche, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
100)  Mr. Phu Tashi Sherpa (28 Yrs), HAS, Khumjung-8, Pangboche, Solukhumbu, Nepal

101) Mr. Ronald Gregory Wilson (44 Yrs), Mountain Guide, Hailey ID USA.

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