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  Everest 2006: "My name is David Sharp and I am with Asian Trekking"

The Rock Cave on Everest ©EverestNews.com

It is complex, but also simple....

EverestNews.com has been informed from a member on the Russell Brice (Himex) expedition that David Sharp was seen talking and was alive and lucid enough to state to least one of those climbers, "My name is David Sharp and I am with Asian Trekking".

This occurred several hours after Sharp had been pronounced “effectively dead” and as the climbers who had passed Sharp on their way up to the summit again encountered him on their descent according to the member on the Russell Brice (Himex) expedition.

To add more astonishing news to the story, the Brice (Himex) expedition member also divulged that film crew members of the Brice (Himex) team had taped footage of Sharp alive and speaking to them on May 15th. Helmet cams reportedly worn by Sherpas supporting the Brice (Himex) team and their Discovery filming project were sending a live signal to advance base camp where the producers watched the grim drama unfold in real time.  Tigress Productions, the company commissioned to produce a documentary series for Discovery, has confirmed to EverestNews.com that they do in fact have film of Sharp while he struggled for his life on May 15th.

One of the questions that is deeply troubling, when an expedition says, "no-one helped him except for people from our expedition.."; How do you know that? How do they know that? Dan Mazur and the guys stayed with Lincoln Hall and radioed for help. True, they put their lives in danger by staying, they know what happened while they were there. But when you pass by a climber, even if you stop for a few minutes and go on, how do you know what others did???? How???

Forty Two people are reported to have walked by David Sharp on the 15th of May while David struggled for his life. People assume that most of these people walked by David twice, once on the way up and once on the way down the mountain. Only a few have spoken to the media about the final hours of David's life.

Sir Edmund Hillary have condemned those who walked by David. Eric Simonson, an expedition leader on Everest that runs Everest expeditions every year and a man with first hand knowledge in rescuing clients on Everest was appalled at the actions so many climbers. Eric's expedition in 2001 rescued 2 members of the Russell Brice expedition in 2001 from a much higher and much more difficult location (the Third Step) on the mountain  “Climbers can be too selfish,  “I don’t know how those people can sleep at night. It’s abhorrent.” Simonson was quoted.

Russell Brice's team split their summit attempt into 2 days, the 14th and 15th on May. Others teams were also summiting on the 14th and 15th of May.

David attempted Everest not on the 15th but on the 14th of May. At some point on the 14th of May David started his decent. Climbers have informed EverestNews.com that during that descent after the First Step, David was seen working on his oxygen system. Climbers have speculated that because he only had two bottles of oxygen and because of the length of time he was above high camp that he was probably out of oxygen at that point.

It is unclear if anyone attempted to help David on May 14th. It is also unclear who passed David while he struggled for his life on the 14th. However, at least one climber saw him as he struggled for his life on the 14th.... Did anyone call for help on the 14th? Did the expeditions who were preparing to summit on the 15th have knowledge that David was in trouble? Many questions, few answers.

On May 15th, 2006 climbers reported going up the mountain found David. Among those climbers attempting the Summit on the 14th and on 15th of May was a film team which was part of the Russell Brice expedition under contract for Discovery.

A press release from the production company before the expedition stated,

"An 18-member crew will follow 11 climbers and their Sherpa guides for the 6x1-hour series, tentatively titled Everest: No Experience Required. It will air on Discovery channels in the U.S. and the U.K. this year"

The reports from the climbers on Everest vary to the state of condition of David on May 15th; with some climbers claiming David was on his feet talking, one claiming he was on "his hands and knees shivering” when they saw him on the way up, to others stating he was frozen. As we said before, "We will never know the whole story of who helped David and who did not. We will never know the whole story of his summit attempt and descent... But we do know where he froze to death on Everest."

EverestNews.com has been told that several climbers had to unclip from the rope to get around David. It was very hard to miss David...

EverestNews.com has been informed from a member on the Russell Brice (Himex) expedition that David Sharp was talking and stated to least one of those climbers, "My name is David Sharp and I am with Asian Trekking".... The member stated that the film crew had film of David alive and speaking on May 15th. He said that the HD camera used by the guide Mark Whetu froze up, but the Sherpas helmet cams were working and sending a live signal to base camp where they watched the drama unfold.

Various climbers have encouraged us to publish this story and call for the unedited release of the film so the family and the world can judge... The production company, Tigress Productions, has confirmed to EverestNews.com that they have film of David while he struggled for his life on May 15th. The production company was aware David attempted Everest on the 14th of May, but unsure if footage of David existed from the 14th from the Brice Team. Dick Colthurst, producer for Tigress Productions who was in base camp, confirmed to EverestNews.com that the HD camera used by the guide froze up, and that the Sherpas helmet cams were working and sending a live signal to base camp. Dick stated that the quality of the helmet cam film is poor as the Sherpas move fast... Viewing the film for the family would be a very difficult decision; do you remember David in life or as struggled for his life left out on Everest overnight??  A very very difficult decision for the family assuming they were allowed to see the unedited video... Our thoughts and prayers go out the family.

We asked Dick Colthurst, producer for Tigress Productions, if David Sharp would be in the TV Series, Dick said, "It is going to be hard to ignore".

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