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  Asian Trekking's Eco, Lumbini to Everest, & Peace Expeditions Update, May 17

Eco Everest Update

Asian Trekking's Eco Everest members Gia Tortladze , Naim Logic, Kapil, Paul Thelen, Eberhard Schaaf , Jan Morava and Vit Morava are on their way to camp 3 for the summit push.
Gia Tortladze is climbing with Kami Tshering Sherpa , Naim Logic with Nima Kanchha Sherpa and Aarita Sherpa, Kapil with Nima Kanchha, Paul Thelen with Nawang Karsang and Dorjee Sherpa , Eberhard Schaaf with Pasang Temba and Pemba Tshering, Jan Morava with Pasang Tharke Sherpa and Vit Morava with Pasang Rita Sherpa.

Dawa Steven Sherpa and Tenzing Dorjee Sherpa will return back to base camp after touching camp 3.

Our next summit group of Lovraj , Rajendra Singh Pal, Binita Soren, Nandini and Meghlal Mahato are all at base camp waiting for their summit window.

Lumbini to Sagarmatha Peace and Constitution and Peace Expedition 2012 are also waiting for their summit window

Everest North side :

Asian Trekking's International Everest Exp.2012 - Japanese Leader Tamae Watanabe (73yrs) and Muraguch and their climbing sherpas Mingma Sherpa, Phura Nuru Sherpa and Phurba Sherpa are on their way to camp 2 ( 7700m). They plan to move to camp 3 (8300m) tomorrow, the 18th May for the summit push.

We just received information from Ang Mingma Sherpa from North Col that Bill Burke, Ryszard Jan Pawlowski, Paul P.Kepczynski and Iwona Z. Wingert and their climbing Sherpas reached to Camp 1 (North Col) 7100m today for the summit push.

David Klein is at base camp after rest and recuperation in Thingri.


Mt.Everest -North Side:

Mingma informed from ABC of Everest North side that the rope fixing teams have fixed the rope up to 8300m. The rope fixing team could not fix the rope above 8300m due to high wind and bad weather, so they have descended down for rest. The rope above 8300m will be fixed only on 18th and 19th May. Now the summit bid will only be possible after 19th may.

Positions of the Asian Trekking's International Everest Exp.2012 Members are as follows:

Bill Burke well arrived Base Camp and plans to move Intermediate Camp tomorrow the 14th May

Japanese – Way up at Intermediate Camp

Davide Klien - At Base Camp

Poland Team - At ABC


Everest North side :

Asian Trekking's International Everest Exp.2012 climbing Sherpas have ferried loads and established camp 3 at 8300m on the north side.

David Klein went upto camp 2 ( 7700m) and has returned to base camp for rest and waiting for good weather conditions for summit push..

Tamae Watanabe and Muraguch have returned to base camp for rest and recuperation. As part of their acclimatization trip, they have spent a night at North col.

Polish climbers led by Ryszard Pawlowski are also at advance base camp and north col.

Eco Everest Expedition.

Eco Everest sherpas have also ferried loads and established camp 4 at South col at 7950m.
Eco Everest climbers are at base camp and some of them are in Pheriche for rest and recuperation.


May 4th, Friday 2012

Mt.Everest-South Side:Eco Everest Team Members, Gia Tortladze, Paul Thelen, Eberhard Schaaf , Vit Morava, Jan Morava, Lovraj , Rajendra Singh Pal, Binita Soren, Meghlal Mahato, Kapil and their support climbing Sherpas today moved from base camp to Camp 2. They plan on moving up to Camp 3 tomorrow 5th May, weather permitting.

Ms. Nandini Cholaraj and Sanjya from Peace Everest moved to Camp 1. Staying back at BC are the USA team of Bill Burke, Bud Allen, Carsten also Nik logic from Bosnia. They plan to ascend later in the week.

Mt.Everest-North Side: Japanese climbers Ms. Tamae Watanabe , Mr. Noriyuki Muraguchi and their climbing Sherpas went to North Col again as part of acclimatization and returned to advance base camp 6400m. Rest of the members are resting at Base Camp.


29th April 2012, Sunday:

Mingma Sherpa, Sirdar of Asian Trekking's International Everest Expedition Spring 2012 informed from ABC that Japanese climbers Ms. Tamae Watanabe , Mr. Noriyuki Muraguchi and their climbing Sherpas went to north Col on 28th April and returned to advance base camp 6400m.they will be returning down to base camp today for rest.

Ryszard Pawlowski , Iwona Zadarnowska Wingert, Maciej Przyborski, Malgorzata Sylwia Waszkowska and Paul Przemyslaw Kepczynski are at ABC.they are planning to goto North Col tomorrow.


Thursday, 26th April 2012

Eco Everest Exp.2012
Naim Logic has decided to stay at camp 2 while Paul Thelen, Eberhard Schaaf and Gia Tortladze are returned back to base camp.

Lovraj , Rajendra Singh Pal, Binita Soren, Meghlal Mahato, Kapil, Bill Burke, Bud Allen, Vit Morava and Jan Morava reached Camp II today.

Vit and Jan Morava went direct to Camp II from Base Camp.

Ms. Nandini Cholaraj has come down to Dingboche to recover from the cough.

Asian Trekking's Lhotse members.
Jakob Urth who is climbing Lhotse is also returned back to base camp after spending few nights at camp II. Another Lhotse member Ted Atkins has arrived to base camp this morning.

Rope Fixing: Meanwhile, the rope fixing team has started fixing rope from camp II to Camp III from this morning.

Updates from Int. Everest Expedition Tibet Side 2012.
Japanese climbers Ms. Tamae Watanabe and Mr. Noriyuki Muraguchi are at advance base camp 6400m.

Ryszard Pawlowski is also at ABC. Iwona Zadarnowska Wingert, Maciej Przyborski, Malgorzata Sylwia Waszkowska and Paul Przemyslaw Kepczynski have gone down to base camp for rest.

David Klein went up to North Col and returned back to ABC.


25th April 2012:

Eco Everest Exp. After spending the night at Camp I on 23rd April, team members Naim Logic, Gia Tortladze, Paul Thelen and Eberhard Schaaf have gone to Camp II on the 24th and will return back to base camp on 26th April.

Lovraj , Rajendra Singh Pal, Binita Soren, Meghlal Mahato, Kapil, Bill Burke and Bud Allen are heading upto Camp I where they will spend the night. They will be traveling to Camp II tomorrow.

Vit and Jan Morava are performing the puja ceremony today at base camp. Already well acclimatized they will be moving upto Camp I tomorrow.

Lumbini to Mt. Everest Youth leader's Peace Expedition 2012: The puja ceremony for the Lumbini to Mt. Everest Youth leader's Peace Expedition held on 22nd April at base camp. Prior to EBC, 10 members summited Island Peak(6183m) as part of acclimatization. The team members are all excited to begin their climb above base camp.

Peace Everest Expedition-Spring 2012: Peace Expedition puja is being held today at base camp. They are excited to begin their climb above base camp which will resume from tomorrow.


From Ang Tshering Sherpa:

North Side Everest:22nd April 2012
Asian Trekking's International Everest: All Polish members(5) arrived ABC (6500m) and their health conditions are good. Jap/Hungarian members returned to BC. They plan to move to ABC on 24th April.

South Side Eco Everest: 23rd April 2012

Asian Trekking's Eco Everest members Gia Tortladze, Paul Thelen , Eberhard Schaaf and Naim Logic are arrived Camp I. They will spend the night at Camp I as part of their acclimatization rotation.

The rest of the climbing members including are all went near C1 for acclimatization and returned to base camp. C2 of Eco is already established by Sherpa team


Breakfast this morning is interrupted by the shouts and excited sounds of the Sherpa camp above. Soon enough our Sirdar, Naga Dorjee, BC Manager, Pertemba Sherpa calls us forward to take part in Puja ceremony.

With climbing equipment and prayer flags to be blessed we scramble up the slope. Suddenly all that noise through breakfast becomes understandable, there now stands a large stone alter adorned in prayer flags, candles, incense sticks and offerings of rice, taltersampa and assorted chocolate bars.

Ushered into position we sit crossed legged in front of the granite alter, beyond we gaze upon the western shoulder of Everest and the Khumbu ice field.· The ceremony is led by Phurba Tshering Sherpa, who happens to be a Lama released by his monastery for the climbing season. Knelt in front of the alter Phurba Tshering Sherpa is reading aloud from Tibetan scripts, slowly but surely his chanting silences the crowd.

Occasionally laughter breaks out as the Sherpas share jokes becoming at times light hearted; above the sky is blue and the prayer flags flutter in the wind. All the time my legs are screaming at me to get up, looking around I can see the grimaces of Bill, Alan, Gia, Niam and Loveraj confirm I am not alone Binita, Rajendra, Nandini, and Kapil are beginning to look a little pained. Only if I could stretch my little legs.

To one side of the alter a fire is lit of juniper and incense sticks, the smoke is thick and acrid as it hangs heavy like gun smoke amongst us. Eyes watering, coughing, I can here Paul and Eberhard moaning as they try to adjust their numb neither regions.

Encouraged by the Sherpa’s we throw rice towards the alter, drinks are then brought forward and snacks are shared amongst the climbers. Sherpas’s chanting increases in volume as he asks Everest’s guardian spirits for our safe passage and return.

As a finishing touch a flag pole is erected from the centre of the alter, it is adorned with more prayer flags that are then ran out for over 50m in a north, east, south and west direction.· Ushered to our feet, legs screaming with joy, we stand around and gaze at the magnificence of what we have been part of...

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