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  Mt. Everest Autumn 2005: Update on the Climbers hurt on Everest

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Update 10/2/2005: We asked for an update on the Sherpas condition:

The one who was badly hurt, spent 3 days in hospital, having x-rays, ultrasonograph and other test. I saw him today and he is recovering fast and well, so in general it wasn't as bad as it looked week ago. Second one is ok and he is coming back to Ktm with our equipment from BC tomorrow.

Summarizing they had a lot of luck and probably they will join us for expedition in spring 2006. Best regards, Pawel

Earlier Update 9/25/2005: Pawel reports in to EverestNews.com, "On 23 of September while we were resting in BC, our Sherpas were installing the remaining 200meters of fixed ropes on the North Col. As I wrote before there was no risk of avalanches so far. Unfortunately at the upper part of North Col there was very froze old, post monsoon snow with additional around 2m of fresh snow. The leading Sherpa moved it and caused an huge avalanche. Both of them have fallen around 250m with avalanche, stopping just few meters from deep and wide crevasse. One of them is seriously injured including broken ribs which cut his lung and some head injuries, second has general wounds. An emergency action was undertaken and we call a jeep to BC to transport injured Sherpa straight to hospital in Ktm.

Due to still existing avalanche risk (there was still a part of avalanche, not moved, left on North Col), lack of Sherpas we were forced to finish the expedition. Anyway it was a great experience to spent this few weeks in the Everest area having the possibility to enjoy the atmosphere of wild mountains alone. We are sure to come back within 5 months - in the spring season and try again. Thank you very much. Best regards, Pawel

Update 9/19/2005: Pawel reports in to EverestNews.com from Everest. They are all by themselves on the North side this autumn... Click here to listen


Introduction: Father-Son team Jerzy and Pawel Michalski plan to conquer Mount Everest this fall.  Jerzy plans to not only become the oldest man to conquer Mount Everest, but also to be the oldest man to conquer the Seven Summits individually and as a whole.  The two generation pair hope to be the first father and son team to conquer the Seven Summits.

Jerzy Michalski was born on September 3rd, 1931.  Jerzy is fluent in several languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German.  At 74 he is now retired.  Throughout his life since boyhood athletics have been a major ambition.  His experiences include jogging, swimming, volleyball, skiing, lawn tennis, cycling, skating, gymnastics, and climbing.  Climbing is his passion, and life devotion.

Jerzy has climbed the many difficult faces in all seasons and under many circumstances.  Some of those include the north face of Aiguille Blanche du Peuterey, the Freney Spur of Mount Blanc, the Mizirgy-Tau, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the volcanoes of Mexico and Guatemala.  Jerzy has also taken part in and organized many expeditions in the highest mountains of the world, including the Himalaya-Karakoram Expedition on Junyang Chhish, the Himalayan Expedition on Annapurna II, the Andes Expeditions of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile, and the Winter Atlas Expedition. He has received several awards from governmental sports authorities including the gold medal for outstanding achievements in the Himalaya-Karakoram Expedition, and a silver medal for outstanding achievements in the winter Alps activities. From the Foreign Affairs Minister he has received with his entire team (The Polish Mountaineering National Team) a Cup for the promotion of Poland Abroad.

    Jerzy has written many reports from mountain expeditions for the daily press and mountain professional magazines.  His achievements are in guidebooks and magazines written in many different languages and located in many different countries.  Special notes are devoted to him in the PWN encyclopedia as well as the Great Tatra Mountain Encyclopedia.

Pawel Michalski was born on the 11th of March 1973.  Now 32 he has a Ph.D. in dissertation studies.  Pawel is fluent in English and has also studied French and Spanish.  Following in his fathers’ footsteps, sports are also Pawel’s ambition.  He has professionally practiced marathon running, sprint running, and athletic decathlon.  Presently he enjoys skiing, lawn tennis, swimming, basketball, windsurfing, and most of all climbing.  Pawel has been fascinated with mountains since childhood.  His first climbs were performed with his father Jerzy in Tatras, The Alps, The Atlas, The Rockies and the volcanoes of Mexico and Guatemala. 

Jerzy and Pawel have climbed all of the Seven Summits together except for Mount Everest.  They began their expedition to conquer the Seven in 1996 with Mount Blanc and are planning to leave for Mount Everest from Warsaw on August 29th.  In case of a successful Ascent Jerzy will be the oldest man to climb Mount Everest and to conquer the Seven Summits.  Steve Bell, a previous conqueror of the Seven Summits wrote, “Seven Summits require physical and technical skills, full determination, courage, enormous experience, physical and psychological immunity and fantasy.”

After climbing in tropical jungles, on Antarctic peaks, ice covered mountains and snow filled crevices, Jerzy and Pawel are on a new adventure, the Seven Summits with one giant left, Mount Everest. 

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