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Babu Chiri Sherpa

Babu Chiri Sherpa has died 4/29/01: See here for the reports

Update Spring 2001: Babu Chiri Sherpa, returns to Everest in Spring 2001 on the South side with three climbers, Brant Didden USA, Grant Douglas Maclaren Canadian, Rechard O'Bryan Paul USA. This would be Babu's 11th Summit of Everest if successful.

Update 3/30/2001: A local political figure in Nepal, a ward chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ramesh Man Dangol, has joined Babu's expedition this spring. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is assisting Ramesh with funding for the climb. Dangol is 36 and is a postgraduate student and a black belt in Taekwondo. He has reached the summits of several 5000 meter peaks in Nepal, but has not reached the summits of any 7000 or 8000 meter peaks.

"I am leaving Kathmandu on 2nd April and will be here in Kathmandu at the end of May." Regards, Babu Chiri Sherpa 

Below is more information on Babu.

Babu Chiri Sherpa is considered one of the greatest Everest climbers ever. With ten Everest Summits (including 4 North Side summits) to date, many consider Babu Chiri Sherpa the strongest climber on Everest today. Babu Chiri Sherpa is working with Himalaya Expeditions., Inc. (www.himalayas.org) where is Director of Expeditions. He also works for NOMAD Expeditions as Director of the Expedition Division.

In Spring 1999: Babu spent over 21 hours on the Summit of Everest. In spring of 2000, he set the speed record for climbing Everest on the South Side. 

Babu Chiri Sherpa is the chairman of Nomad Expeditions.

Older reports from his friend Bikrum Pandey are below:

"Here is the Everest Summit News for today. Babu Chiri Sherpa, aged 33 from Taksindu has reached the Summit of Mt. Everest at 9am together with two other Sherpa companions. Babu sang National Anthem of Nepal at the summit and hoisted the National Flag of Nepal. His singing of the National Anthem has been recorded by his International Everest Expedition at the base camp. His two Sherpa companion have left him there on top of Mt. Everest & returned to South Col. He intends to complete his dream of 20 hours on Mt. Everest Summit and that will be realized tomorrow the 7th May 99 by 4 am.

He has already set the world record by staying the longest time ever on Mt. Everest by any living human being." Himalaya Center Kathmandu Nepal May 6th 1999. Babu Chiri Sherpa, the 8th. time veteran summiter of Mt. Everest, 8,848 m. has successfully completed his dream of sleeping on the Summit of Mt. Everest for 20 hours. He is reported to be good condition. He arrived Camp 4 this morning. Earlier Babu had successfully climbed Mt. Everest on 6th. May,  together with two of his trusted companions: Dawa Sherpa of his own Takshiundu Village and Nam Dorjee Sherpa of Basalindung, Sankhuwa Shava of the Eastern Nepal 

Babu had camped on the highest spot, 29,0028 ft. of the world (another milestone) with his specially designed Tent " The American Sky", made to beat any tough wind at the height of 8848 meters. According to another Babu Sherpa, Managing Director of Thamel based Nomad Expeditions, Mountain Hardware of USA had designed special Tent, Sleeping Bag and Mattress for Babu for this "Sleep on Mt. Everest Summit" Project. Mountain Hardware of USA had contributed more than US 7000 Dollar worth of Equipment to Babu FREE of Cost.

Even though Babu has been diplomatic in expressing his motive behind this Big Life Risking "Sleep on Mt. Everest Summit" Project, observers here believe that Babu will use this Miracle Success for his own Business Benefit. This Climber turned Entrepreneur, Babu Chiri Sherpa is the Executive Director of Nepal’s Thamel based Nomad Expeditions and holds majority of the shares of the Company.

Update: Spring Everest 2000, Babu Sherpa breaks the speed record for reaching the Summit of Everest from Base camp on the South side to the surprise of few who know him. For details see our Daily Reports during the Everest season.   

Help Babu build a school for his children ! E-mail us mail2006@everestnews.com 

Update: Babu Chiri Sherpa tells EverestNews.com he will return to Everest in Spring 2001, stay tuned for his plans. This would be his 11th Summit of Everest if successful.

This is his Q&A:

Q.) [EverestNews.com] Tell us about your plans to build a school with funds from your speed record. 

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] I had sponsors for my Record climb and thought definitely we could save some money but unfortunately I could not save any money from expedition because sponsor money was not a lot. Hardly enough for expense for food and staff.

Q.) [EverestNews.com] How big of school building and how much money is needed?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] I planned to build 5 rooms building and for that I need around $11000.

Q.) [EverestNews.com] What village will the school be in ? How big is the village ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] The school will build in our area and village name is Akang, the village is not that big but place is looks century behind from today.

Q.) [EverestNews.com] How many children you do have and how old are they ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] I have 6 daughters and they are,14,12,8,6,4 and 2 years old!

Q.) [EverestNews.com] Does you family (parents etc..) live in the same village and if so how long have they lived there ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] My Parents and I grow up there and we all are still living there.

Q.) [EverestNews.com] Did you get an education ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] I never saw a school door but I can read. Which I learned form my own study...

Q.) [EverestNews.com] Is climbing a sport for you or a job ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] The climbing was a job for but I am beginning to get the feeling of sport.

Q.) [EverestNews.com] What next for you ? Any climbing plans for Autumn ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] No next climb yet planned.

Q.) [EverestNews.com] What would you climb if money was not an issue ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] Money is very important for survival but not whole life!

Q.) [EverestNews.com] Which Everest climb has been your toughest and why ?

A.) [Babu Chiri Sherpa] I never face very tough time during my 10 summit of Everest so far.

Regards, Babu Chiri Sherpa

Babu Chiri Sherpa, has a dream, not to Summit Everest in 16 hours, or to sleep the night on the Summit. He has done both. His dream is to build a school for his six daughters in his small village in Nepal. You see Babu "never saw the door of a school". He has learned to read, but from his own studies. He wants a better life for his daughters than frankly having them carry someone else's gear up Everest.

He wants his daughters to get the education that he has never received. Babu is looking for funds to help build his school. Babu now 34, only has a few years of Everest climbing left. He started as a porter when he was 13. His first Summit was not Everest but Kangchenjunga in Autumn 1989 at 23. 

His Summits and records are not in dispute. Can you help him live his dream for his daughters? He is looking for $11,000 dollars. The village I live in Ohio wants $3-4 million for an addition to its school and will probably get in the next board election.

Everest has been life to Babu. He respects Everest. Babu also respects those western climbers who pay for his services. But he wants a better life for his daughters. Let's help to give it to them !

To help Babu built this school for his village and daughters give here:

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