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  Piotr Pustelnik Cho Oyu 2006: mBank Lotto Himalayan Triptych 2006 Success and on to Annapurna

Update: Day 42 (1st of May): Good morning, Piotr Pustelnik mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006. We made a road from Kodari to Kathmandu yesterday. We are very tired, we were running during the last the days, 30 km by foot yesterday. The situation in Nepal and Kathmandu is stable. We have finished the first part of our plan. I would consider it as a success, two of us reached the summit. We met two climbers from Tybet today. They are going on Annapurna with us. We are re-arranging our equimpent. As it is the end of the first part of the Triptych I would like to send special thanks to everyone supporting us, including our sponsors – mBank, Lotto, Accenture, Compensa, HiMountain, Marmot and Plus GSM. Taking advantage of the opportunity I would like to send best wishes to my son Adam, celebrating his birthday today. The day after tomorrow we are leaving towards Pokhara, and then we will have three days of trekking to the Annapurna BC. We are really excited before the next part of our expedition. Thank you, till the next report. With the help of Plus GSM Piotr Pustelnik.  

Update: Day 35 (24th of April): Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006. I have pleasure to inform that today Piotr Morawski and Peter Hamor reached the summit of Cho Oyu. I turned back about 50 metres below the summit. Don Bowie also had to turn back because he got frozen a toe. He was on about 7800 m. We are very happy and we consider the whole expedition as a success. We are resting in our tents now. Everyone feel good. It was hard and long day for us, Peter and I left the camp II, situated on 7080 m., at half past five in the morning. Piotr and Don set off few minutes later. We found a lot of old fix ropes on the route to the summit, we had to be very careful to keep our route. We will celebrate after going down to the BC. As a leader of the expedition I am very happy, because Piotr, Peter and Don are in great form, and I achieved what I had expected from myself. With the help of Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, thank you.

Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006 – Cho Oyu. Hello, we are in the camp II on 7100 m. Our four reached the camp yesterday. Today, early in the morning Piotr Morawski and Don Bowie went to the summit. According to the plan Peter and me wanted to go today in the night. The situation have changed, but in wasn’t a case of the weather. Piotr and Don had some problems with the orientation up there on 7800 and after consulting it with us they had decided to go back to C2. They will take a rest, and we will go all together tomorrow. It shouldn’t be very difficult, I have been there thirteen years ago. The forecasts which we get, thanks to Mr Gable from Innsbruck, says that there should be a good weather till Tuesday. The wind in the upper parts will not be strong which is a very important news for us. Greetings to all of you, thanks to Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, thank you.

Day 32 (21st of April): Hello, Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006, part one Cho Oyu. Welcome from camp I. We have started the final phase, which we will hopefully finish reaching the summit. We have left the BC after two days of resting. There is a lot of snow, but we didn’t have any problems on the route to cI. We are preparing for tomorrow now. The plan is to go up on 7000-7100 m, where stands our single tent. In the meantime we got some news from Simone Moro concerning the weather for the next few days. They come from the meteo station in Insbruck from Mr Gabl. We would like to send special thanks to him. It seems that the weather will give us some chance to go to the summit. We hope that two or even three of us will reach the summit. Everyone is healthy. Warm greetings to our sponsors and listeners. Thanks to Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, till the next report.

Update 4/18/2006: Day 28 -17th of April

Hi, this is Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006, part one – Cho Oyu. First of all we would like to send best wishes for the Easter holidays to our families, friends, sponsors and to all our listeners. The second good news is that, after two days of struggling with the wind and low temperatures, Piotr, Peter and Don have established the camp II on 7000 m. They are resting in camp I today. We will go to CII tomorrow. The weather is better now, the wind is not as heavy as earlier, but it is cold. We can see some clouds approaching from Nepal, we will see what they will bring. Warm greetings to everyone from the four of us. With the help of Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, thank you.

Update 4/14/2006: Good morning, Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006, Cho Oyu. The forecasts have changed a bit, yesterday the wind was very heavy. Today (13th of April), it is foggy, there is a high humidity and we have a snowfall. It is corresponding with the forecasts for Everest which we got through the mobile phone. One team was trying to settle camp II yesterday, but they had to give up due to the wind. We are in the BC all together now. Sawek had to leave us. Due to the weather conditions he had very little chance to go higher, so sitting in the BC was a waste of time for him. Two weeks ago Rudolf Svaricek also left our team. A lungs disease made it impossible for him even to reach the BC. There are a few members of other teams with health problems, so we try to help them as good as we can. Our cook’s assistant is also ill so there may be a necessity to evacuate him from here to Nepal in a few days time. The Norwegian team came yesterday. There may be more new expeditions soon. We have to wait a day or two. We hope the weather will be better so that we can continue the work with camps II and III. The plan is to reach the summit till the 26 of April. That is it for now. Piotr Pustelnik, in coopaeration with Plus GSM operator, thank you.

Update 4/10/2006: Hello, Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006. It wasn’t the best day, because the weather got worse. The wind was very strong, we were worried about camp I. A little bit later sun came out and the weather improved. Peter, Piotr, Don and sherpa Purba went up to check the situation in camp I. Then the weather collapsed once again, but this time there was also a heavy snowfall. Another members of Korean team are coming to the BC, but we will cope with them somehow. Sławek and me would like to go up tomorrow, but it depends on the weather. At this moment a visibility is rather poor. We will try to establish camp II tomorrow, if the weather gets better. That is all for today. Thank you very much. Piotr Pustelnik, in cooperation with Plus GSM. 

Hi, this is Piotr Pustelnik from the BC on Cho Oyu, the first part of mBank Lotto Himalaian Triptych 2006. Yesterday a few members of Korean expedition came to the BC. They are building their base here now. Some cultural differences came out right away. We hope that they will behave in a more higenical way in the future, because our toilets needed to be rebuilt. We are resting after building camp I, but we will probably continue our work considering settling camp II. The weather is very good and it seems it will remaine like this for some time. Everyone is healthy, maybe except from a little cough, which is up to the cold and dry air. Greetings to everyone. In cooperation with a Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, thank you.

Update 4/6/2006: Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Tryptych 2006, part one – Cho Oyu. I have got some good news, the C1 was settled yesterday (5th of April) by Don Bowie, Peter Hamor and Piotr Morawski. There is a heavy wind up there, not much snow, but a lot of ice. The second team, which is me, Slawek and Purba our Sherpa, are in the deposit now. Today we will reach camp I and place there a second tent. Maybe we will also assure the route to camp II. Everything depends on the weather. The winter is nearly ended here in Himalayas, but as I said earlier the wind is strong and it is rather cold. Greetings to all of you, best wishes, we will keep in touch. With the co-operation of Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, thank you.  

Update 4/4/2006: Hello, Piotr Pustelnik. Today (4th of April) begun the major phase of the first part of our mBank Lotto Himalaian Tryptych 2006. We have settled the BC on 5600 m, and the team consisting of Piotr Morawski, Peter Hamor, Don Bowie and Sherpa Purba go up in the direction of Camp I. They plan to carry the equipment as high as possible and make a deposit. They will continue from that high tomorrow to settle Camp I. Tomorrow, the rest of us will take the next part of our equipment in the upper parts. It is possible that, during the next two days, we will settle the C1 and maybe we will put some fix ropes above. The snow conditions are pretty good. So far we are the only expedition on Cho Oyu. The humours are still very good, everyone is healthy. From the BC, with the co-operation of Compensa, Accenture and Plus GSM, Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Tryptych 2006

Good morning, Piotr Pustelnik from the Cho Oyu Base Camp. We have arrived in the base after three hard days. There is still a lot of snow in here. We had to turn back yesterday because our yaks just didn’t want to go  any further. The base is on 5600 m. We are getting used to the conditions. Everyone feel well, apart from Rudy, who got some cough and had to go down to the Chinese Base. We will build the base tomorrow. On the next day one team will probably make a way to the C1. mBank Lotto Himalaian Tryptych 2006 part one, Cho Oyu with the support of Compensa and Accenture, through
the  Plus GSM satellite phone, Piotr Pustelnik. Thank you very much. Best regards Wojtek Jemiolo

mBank Lotto Hymalayan Tryptych 2006 - day 10 (30th of March)


"Good morning, Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalayan Tryptych 2006. Part one – Cho Oyu. We are in the Chinese base on 4800 m. Tomorrow we are going to the BC. Everyone feel well, the only problem is a disease of our cook’s assistant. Almost for sure he will have to stay in the Chinese base, until he gets better. We are greeting warmly everyone in Poland. Through a Plus GSM satellite phone, Piotr Pustelnik, thank you very much."


Hello once again. This is the first part of our mBank Lotto Himalaian Tryptych 2006. Today (27th of March) we have reached Tingri. The journey was pretty good. We are getting used to the conditions now, we are on 4300-4400 m. There is not plenty of snow, we have seen Everest and Shisha Pangma. It seems to us, that the winds are very heavy and that there are winter conditions in highier parts. There are no other expeditions under Cho Oyu. Our is the first one, so we will take the best possible place in the BC, but putting the fix ropes on the glacier and on the road to camps I and II is on our shoulders. We hope that some other expeditions will arrive soon and help us a bit. The moods are great, everyone is healthy. We have reached this hight rather quickly. We felt it especially after a short run which I made with Piotr Morawski. Warm greetings to everyone. Piotr Pustelnik, mBank Lotto Himalaian Tryptych 2006.

March 25, 2006: Hi, this is Piotr Pustelnik from Kathmandu, mBank Lotto Himalayan Triptych 2006.

We would like to send warm welcome, this is our first report. Tomorrow (March 26th), very early, we are leaving towards Tibet. We are together now, making final preparations. Almost everything is packed. The weather is good. We are greeting warmly once again! We will contact next time from Tibet. Thank you very much.

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