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  Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro Climb:  Teams Report In...

Hey all ya’all! Uhuru, ya’all are you following along? That was for you We are all doing great. The photo is Team 5 enjoying our welcome dinner after a day of orientation and organizing. Rich’s bag showed up from Ethiopian Air, so we are all in a great position to head to Kilimanjaro tomorrow!

It is a great pleasure to be back to Kilimanjaro with Ron Farb and his team, supporting the Climb For Cancer Foundation in Gainesville, Florida!

We will be calling in from each camp on the mountain.
Asante! Usiku Mwema!
Eric and Team 5


Hello everyone, this is Ben calling in for the Mountain Simbas, Team #4 here on Kili. We’re doing great, had another great day today, fantastic weather. We left Shira Camp this morning and hiked towards Barranco Camp, which is where we are at right now, at about 12,800 feet. We left Shira Camp at about 12,500, we’ve gained a few hundred feet of elevation, and along the way on the trail today we actually went up to about 14,800 feet. So we are helping acclimatize as we ascended up, kind of stressing our bodies a little bit and coming back down and sleeping low. Everybody did great today with the altitude as we ascended up, a few small headaches and just some minor altitude issues, but now that we are back down here we are doing well.

Just finished up a great dinner and everybody is off to bed. Today is our longest day, it’s about 7-8 hours of hiking and after lunch we split up into a couple of different groups, a couple of people opted to go just slightly higher, and part of the group decided just to go kind of straight towards camp, which was great, we all got great acclimatization, so it worked out well for everybody. Part of the group though, we went up to the Lava Tower option, we ascended a few hundred extra feet and went up a little bit of a rock climb, up the Lava Tower, got up to the top and had some nice views up there. It was a great time and came back down and made it back to Barranco Camp before too late.

For the most part everyone is doing well, just a little quiet tonight, but tomorrow will be our shortest day, up to Karanga Camp. We will actually hike and get all the way into camp before we have lunch, so it will be just about a 3-4 hour hike tomorrow. Doing great, everyone says hello back home to family and friends and we’ll let you know how tomorrow goes, but we are doing very well and looking forward to gaining more elevation here on the mountain and working towards the summit here in the next couple days. We will talk to you soon, Mountain Simbas signing off.

Hey! This is Don Carpenter with the July 20th Kili expedition and it is currently July 26th, it’s 6:30 in the evening here on Mount Kilimanjaro. We’ve had another great day. We had our normal morning routine with hot drinks at 6:30, packing up, breakfast a little after 7:00, and then we were on the go just after 8am this morning. Headed out of camp, and climbed the great Barranco Wall, a steep climb but everybody did great. It involved some rock scrambling, but then we topped out in the sun. From there we crossed through a couple of river valleys and pushing through the Karanga… (transmission cuts out) final climb up the half and here we are at the Karanga Camp (at 4000 meters, just over 13,000 feet).

So for the last three nights we’ve camped at about the same elevation, allowing everyone to acclimatize and everybody’s feeling well. So we rolled into camp midday today, around 1:00 and had some time to take naps and read, and we’re waiting on dinner. We’re having dinner at 7:00 and then tomorrow we move to high camp. So everyone’s doing well and looking forward to getting on up to high camp.

So we will talk to you from high camp tomorrow! Bye!

Good morning! This is Don Carpenter with the Kilimanjaro July 20th trip and it’s the morning of July 26th, about 6:30 in the morning. We’re up here at Barranco… (transmission cuts out) allows us to acclimatize and test the high altitude. Doing well, and doing good. We’re waking up this morning below the Barranco Wall. We have a steep climb out of camp this morning, and a relatively short day and we’ll have some time to rest when we get into camp this afternoon.

Everybody’s doing well, we’re looking out over and above us (transmission choppy) we can see the upper mountain above us and looking out on the clouds…. (transmission cuts out).

Hi Everyone! It’s about 10:30 PM here in Arusha, on Wednesday night. It has been a busy week! Teams 3 & 4 are on the mountain and Team 5 has now all arrived here to Arusha. We are only missing 1 bag, and are hopeful that it will arrive tomorrow during orientation day.

Tomorrow will be filled with organization, gear checks, town tour, and our first dinner as a team together. We head to Kilimanjaro on Friday the 27th for our first day’s walk from the Machame gate (elevation 6,450 feet) to Machame Camp (10,000 feet), about 6 miles and 5-6 hours, entirely in the lush and beautiful forest zone belt of the mountain. We will give you a shout from our first camp.

Thanks for following along!


Hello everyone! This is Ben calling in with Kilimanjaro Team #4, or now known as “The Mountain Simbas”. Simba is the Swahili word for lion, so we are The Mountain Simbas now. We’re doing great, we are at our second camp here at Shira Camp, up on the Shira Plateau, in between Shira and Kibo, which is Kilimanjaro. So we had a beautiful view out towards Shira, and a beautiful sunset here today. We’re up at about 12,500 feet, and everybody is feeling pretty good. We got some slight headaches here, since we just jumped up to 12,000 feet, but people are taking care of themselves, drinking lots of water, which will help. We’ll spend tomorrow night just a little bit higher, that will help people acclimatize a little bit more before we head up higher on the mountain.

Everybody is doing pretty good though and having fun. It was a great day, another beautiful day here. We had some fog roll in, in the early morning, but for the most part it was a nice sunny day, got beautiful views out towards the mountain up toward the peak and out towards the plains as well. Tomorrow we will be heading towards the mountain and starting the traverse around the mountain and we’ll be staying at Barranco Camp tomorrow evening. It’s a beautiful camp looking up towards the Barranco Wall, and up towards the top of the mountain.

We’ll let you know how tomorrow goes, but one shout out, Nicole wanted to thank her mom for the camera. That was a personal shout out from Nicole, and everybody else is having fun, missing their families and says hello back home. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Hello everyone, this is Ben calling in with Kilimanjaro team #4. We are doing great, we are at the first camp at around 10,000 feet, we got up here just a few hours ago, this afternoon, on a beautiful sunny day as we hiked through the jungle. Everybody did fantastic today and is feeling really good up here. We just finished dinner, and we’re getting tucked into our tents here. And we’ll wake up at around 6:30 tomorrow morning and pack up, have breakfast, and head on up to Shira Camp tomorrow (it’s just over 12,000 feet).

So we’re moving up quickly here and doing fantastic, doing great, everybody misses everyone back home and says “hello”. And tomorrow we will be moving here from Machame Camp up to Shira Camp. So we’ll let you know how tomorrow goes, it was a beautiful day all day today, and talk to you soon tomorrow. Ciao!

Hello this is Don Carpenter with the July 20th, Kili Climb. And we’re here at Shira Camp, up on the Shira Plateau, looking off at the upper cone of the mountain. So we had another beautiful day, good hike, it’s a steep climb out of our last camp, and everybody did really well, up that steep climb and then the trail backs off a little bit as we approach the Shira Plateau. We rolled into camp mid-afternoon, had some time to relax, and had some tea and popcorn, and then some more time to relax before dinner. We just had a great dinner, rice, vegetables, and beef stroganoff.

Everybody’s doing well, feeling good, it’s about a little after 8:00 right now and everybody is getting ready to crawl into bed. It’s a crystal clear night, the stars are out, and we are ready for another good day of hiking tomorrow. So everybody’s doing well and we’ll talk to you soon.



July 24:

Morning this is Don Carpenter calling with the Alpine Ascents July 20th, Kilimanjaro Climb. It’s the morning of July 24th and we are on the mountain. We’re waking up here at Machame Camp, we had a great day yesterday, left the Arusha Hotel in the morning at about 8:00, had a two-hour drive up the trailhead, got all situated, got our permits, met our team and our guides, and started walking from Machame Gate up the trail. The first day is up through the rain forest, and we actually had a beautiful crystal clear day, and had some views of the mountain from a distance, so it was a wonderful day of hiking. We rolled into Machame Camp here last night, and had a beautiful evening, a big dinner, steaks and potatoes, and everyone is doing great, and acclimatizing well, and enjoying the trip. We’re camped here at 3,000m, about 10,000 feet, and we’re just waking up, we’re going to have breakfast and then get on the trail towards Shira Camp, we’ll call you tonight from Shira Camp, everybody’s doing well and we’ll talk to you soon, bye.

Posted on July 23, 2012
Hello everyone!
Everyone on team #4 has arrived safely in Arusha. Today we began the trip with a team breakfast followed by an orientation and gear check. After making sure everyone had the proper gear for a climb of Kilimanjaro we had lunch and went on a town tour of Arusha to see some of the local buildings, markets, and get a taste of the local culture. After a break in the afternoon we went out to dinner at a local restaurant and enjoyed a fantastic dinner just a few minutes from our lovely colonial but modern hotel “The Arusha Hotel”. Tomorrow morning we will head to the mountain to the Machame gate, where we will check in at the national park, meet some of our Tanzanian staff and begin our first day of hiking up to 10,000ft where we will spend our first night! We are all looking forward to our climb during the next week and excited that we will be able to share this experience with you all as we ascend to the roof of Africa! We will be posting daily and also will be using a a tracking device to show you our progress. Stay tuned as we come up with a clever team name, and make our way up and down Kilimanjaro in the following week.

Talk to you soon,




Hey everyone it’s Calimanjaro here on Kilimanjaro. It’s the 18th of July, about 8:20pm, and we are very happy to report that everyone summited the mountain today. We were all on top at Uhuru Peak by approximately 8:00 this morning, after 7-8 hours of climbing. We’re now down at Millennium Camp, 12,000 feet for our last night on the mountain and everyone is already in bed. We’re tired, we had a long day, but a great day. Tomorrow we are going to head down to the Mweka Gate and back to Arusha for some celebration, I’ll give you a call from there, thanks.

July 17:

Hey all it’s Calimanjaro on Kilimanjaro. We’re having a laughing attack at high camp, Kosovo, 15.600 feet, 6:20pm. (Laughter and shouting in background) As you guys can tell we are having lots of fun and we are getting ready to climb up to the roof of Africa. Everybody is doing well, we are going to head to bed for a few hours, get up at 11 and walk at midnight. Wish us a calm, lovely evening and we’ll give you a call from our last camp on the descent tomorrow evening.

July 16
Hey all y’all it’s Calimanjaro! (Cheers) We’re here at Karanga Camp, elevation 13,300 feet above sea level. It’s the 16th of July, and we had a great day, we just celebrated Joel’s Birthday (more cheers) and the General pulled out some balloon tricks to keep us entertained for the evening. We had lots of downtime this afternoon, after a long day yesterday and in preparation for moving up to high camp tomorrow. We are going to attempt to get a good night’s sleep, our last, before we go up to the roof of Africa, and tomorrow morning head up to high camp, we all send our best back home. We will give you a call from Kosovo Camp at 15,600 feet tomorrow, thanks for following along.

July 15
Hey folks its Calimanjaro here on Day 3, we are at Barranco Camp at 12,900 feet above sea level, and everyone is doing great. We had an awesome day today, about 8.5-9 hours on the trail, pretty good weather and just finished a nice big meal, and we are headed to bed, we’re bushed. Tomorrow we are going to head to Karanga Camp for our shortest day of the trip, get ourselves set up for our summit climb. Everyone send their best back home.


July 14:

Hey all, it’s Team #2 here on Kilimanjaro! We are no longer “Team #2″, we are now Calimanjaro, for the California contingent in the group. We’re here at Camp 2, Shira Camp, 12,400 feet above sea level. It is the 14th of July and we’re doing great. We had an awesome day today, about 5 and a half hours on the trail, a bunch of downtime in camp, and we just had a huge meal.
And with me, we have: General Gibbons, Ratatouille, Sunshine, Boogie, Ariel, Token, Indie, Whirling Dervish, and El Jefe. Pretty soon we are headed to bed for another good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is a long day for us to Baranco Camp. We’ll give you a call from there.
Lala salama! ["Good Night" in Swahili]


July 11:

Hi Everyone!

The team headed out on Safari today, beginning with a flight Seronera in the heart of Serengeti National Park.

We had an awesome climb and an awesome team this last week! My thanks, gratitude and congrats to a wonderful group of folks. As with last season, we brought along extra porter staff to remove excess garbage left behind by other groups. Our team of 2 hardworking staff removed an extra 90 Kg of garbage during the 7 days!

We are getting ready for team #2 here in Arusha, and we will depart for the mountain on July 13th.

Asante Sana!


July 10:
Team Uhuru Y’all Celebrates Their Climb In Arusha, Prepares to Embark on Safari

Hey everybody it’s Kilimanjaro Team Uhuru Y’all, it’s the 10th of July at about 10pm, and we are all here at the Bailey’s Hotel, enjoying a fine dinner and celebration together after a successful climb.

That’s a team of happy climbers.

Tomorrow they are going to head out on Safari for a four night, three day trip through Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire National Parks. And we’d like to say thank you to our Tanzanian staff, and everybody here in Arusha and on the mountain for an awesome climb. We’ll send one more cybercast, thanks for following along everybody.

Team 1, Uhuru Y’all, Summits In Great Weather! Everyone Back Down Safely.
Posted on July 9, 2012 by alpineascents

Hey everyone it’s Uhuru Y’all, team #1 on Kilimanjaro. It’s the 9th of July, Monday at about 6:30 pm and we had a great summit day today, awesome weather, everybody did great. We are now down at our low camp on the mountain, at Millennium, about 12,200 feet and we are going to have our last dinner here on the mountain with our Tanzanian Crew, and tomorrow head on down to the Mweka gate and out to Arusha so we can have our celebration dinner and get set up for everyone to go on Safari. Uhuru would like to wish a happy birthday to Julie and to let her know that we did it! Everyone is doing awesome and sends their best back to everyone at home.

Team 1, Uhuru Y’all Heading to High Camp After Breakfast.
Posted on July 8, 2012 by alpineascents

Good Morning everybody it’s Uhuru Y’all here on Kilimanjaro. It is the morning of the 8th of July at about 8:45 and we are just wrapping up breakfast and headed up to high camp. Tonight we’ll be climbing to the roof of Africa and we’ll give you a call after we make our ascent and reach our low camp, the last night on the mountain. Thanks for following along.

Uhuru Y’all Reaches Karanga, Prepares for Summit Tomorrow Night.
Posted on July 7, 2012 by alpineascents

Hey everyone its Uhuru Y’all, it’s the 7th of July and we are currently at Camp 4, Karanga, currently have some pretty high winds and a lot of dust, but everyone is doing great. We had a short day to Karanga, today, lots of down time, and we are getting ready to push up to high camp, and to the roof of Africa, tomorrow night. So stay tuned for more.


Uhuru Y’all Heading To Bed At Barranco Camp After A Fantastic Day Of Climbing
Posted on July 6, 2012 by alpineascents

Hey everyone, it’s Uhuru Y’all, from Kilimanjaro… at 12,900 feet. We had a fantastic day today, a lot of sunshine, calm weather. Everyone is doing well. It was a very scenic day, up to about 15,000 feet, back down here to 12,900. It’s just before 9 o’clock, everyone’s headed to bed. I’ve got some tired climbers and we’re going to get a good night’s sleep. And hopefully we’ll have some more beautiful weather tomorrow, the shortest day of the trip, on up to Karanga Camp at 13,300 feet.

Everyone sends their best back home, Ciao for now!

Team 1, Uhuru Y’all, Enjoying Themselves At Camp 2
Posted on July 5, 2012 by alpineascents

Hey everyone, it’s Team #1 here on Kilimanjaro! It’s the 5th of July and we are at Camp 2, Shira Camp (12,450 feet). Everybody is doing fannntastic! We’re having a few phone difficulties, so we weren’t able to cybercast in last night, apologize for that. But we wanted to let you know that we’re all thinking of you, and we celebrated the 4th of July here, in Tanzania, on Kilimanjaro.

So we’ve decided on a team name, we will no longer be Team #1, we are team Uhuru Y’all. “Y’all” for the southern contingent in this group, and “uhuru” means “freedom” in Swahili… so Uhuru Y’all.

Tomorrow we’re looking forward to another great day, weather looks fantastic today. Tomorrow we’re going to climb up to about 15,000 feet, and then descend down to Barranco Camp, which is one of our longer… Transmission ends.

Machame Camp Arrival
Posted on July 4, 2012 by alpineascents
Team 1 wishes everyone a Happy Fourth of July! The team enjoyed the first day trekking through the gorgeous rainforest from Machame Gate to Machame Camp. We are working on a satellite phone problem that came up, but they did report back that everyone is safe and happy celebrating the holiday.

Team 1 arrives in Arusha
Posted on July 3, 2012 by alpineascents
A warm greetings from Arusha Tanzania everyone. I arrived on Saturday to begin the prep for our busy Summer 2012 season. Most of team 1 arrived fine last night (Monday), with 1 member having arrived a few days earlier and enjoying some relaxation African style. Everyone is excited to get to the mountain! 3 folks are still waiting on luggage from KLM, so keep your fingers crossed it comes on the flight tonight!

Today we had our orientation here at the hotel, followed by gear checks, and a walking town tour. Tonight we will enjoy our first dinner together as a team, and hopefully a great nights sleep before we head out tomorrow for Kilimanjaro.

Our first day of trekking will begin at the Machame gate, elevation 6,400′, ending at Machame camp 10,000′ and about 6 hours. Most of tomorrow is under the canopy of the rain forest, lush and beautiful.

We will be sending in a cybercast each day, so keep tuning in as we ascend to the roof of Africa together.

All The Best!

Eric and Team #1

Team 1 - Departing 7/1/2012
Guide: Eric Murphy
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