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Everest 2002


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Dan Mazur
Autumn Everest 2002
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Ama Dablam Autumn 2002

Dan Mazur and his Autumn 2002 Ama Dablam Team

Our Ama Dablam expedition is well underway, with ascents of the normal southwest ridge route and a different route afterwards, far off the beaten track, yet only 15 kilometers from Everest itself. We flew from Seattle via Los Angeles yesterday morning, and are now in Bangkok changing planes for 10 hours, enroute to Kathmandu. So far, our airlines of choice, United and Thai, are doing an excellent job. Its important, because we are carrying crucial expedition equipment, with Daniel alone checking 7 bags of rope, protection, and radios. Daniel is also carrying donated computers provided by Rudy Zuber and Kevin Donovan, which he will carry up to Namche Bazaar, high in the Sherpa kingdom, where the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Commission, sponsored by the Government of Nepal, and the World Wildlife Fund, is located.

If all goes well, we arrive in Kathmandu at 1245 this noon (24 September). Immediately upon arrival, we will rendezvous with our international team members and Sherpa staff and agency Parivar Trekking Nepal, and then proceed to our new Hotel in Thamel District Kathmandu, the Nepal Hotel International. In just a few hours, we will immediately begin organization of our expedition, with staff interviews and training, equipment checks, transport and permit arrangements, food and equipment shopping, and cargo shipping. We will also continue our physical fitness and work-out routine, while waiting for the additional members to arrive. This will help us to be more physically well prepared for our upcoming expedition, which is going to be physically and mentally demanding. The weather here in Bangkok is warm, but not too hot, and it is a bit humid, although not raining too hard. We look forward to sending you our next dispatch in a few hours from the neighborhoods of Kathmandu.

Follow along on the dispatches here: Dispatch One: We are still in Bangkok! At the gate yesterday, approx 5 mins before the plane was due to leave, we were informed the airport at Kathmandu was closed. Apparently a helicopter had crashed on the runway. Click here for more....

Wishing you well, ad thanks again for posting this on the Ama Dablam site on EverestNews.com You guys are doing a great job over there! Thank you very much, Cheers for now. Yours Sincerely, Dan Mazur